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ADOC14-in-poleInspiration for this tool came from watching a friend pre-wrap thousands of wires onto purlin clips, day after day in his shop. I thought to myself, there has got to be a faster and easier way to attach ceiling wire onto joists without the hassle of having to pre-wrap the wire.

Our solution is the PurlinMaster, a multi-purpose pole tool that allows you to install a purlin clip and then wrap ceiling wire to the clip using the same tool, all from the safety of the ground. This effectively eliminates the need for costly scaffolding and scissor lifts. No longer will you have to purchase and haul around messy pre-wrapped ceiling wire. Instead, hang and wrap on an as-needed basis.

The PurlinMaster is actually part of a proprietary system from Doc’s Industries Inc., which offers its own line of purlin clips designed to work with the PurlinMaster as well as traditional installation tools.

Past installation systems required the ceiling wire to be wrapped onto the clip before installation. The PurlinMaster system represents a major innovation in the installation of ceiling wire to purlin joists. It makes installing purlin clips as easy as installing ceiling wire with an eye lag screw. An added benefit to this tool is that the clip will not “pop off” as the clip is safely protected inside the head during installation.

The concept behind the PurlinMaster is a unique twist on the traditional eye lag pole, a tool that has been utilized by acoustical ceiling contractors for decades. In fact, the PurlinMaster even comes with an interchangeable head that converts the tool into a standard eye lag pole in seconds. This allows you switch from installing purlin clips to installing wood screws at a moment’s notice. There are several other interchangeable heads available for hanging threaded rod and jack chain, in addition to many other applications (sold separately).

The PurlinMaster requires the use of Doc’s™ proprietary purlin clips. Take a moment to watch the video found in the link below and you will see how easy it is to hang ceiling wire from z purlin or bar joists using this tool.

The PurlinMaster works with Doc’s™ ADOC14 “Z” purlin clip as well as Doc’s™ VOH14 “C” purlin clip. These clips install easily and are compatible with traditional installation tools like the Caddy® VAFT, Ramset® J-Master & Doc’s™ HOIT-AL tools.

Installation is completed in a handful of easy steps. Start by inserting a clip into the head of the PurlinMaster. Then thread the ceiling wire through the clip. Stand in front of the purlin joist and position the clip above the joist. Pull down on the pole, locking the teeth of the clip onto the joist. Then walk forward, pushing up to release the clip. Lower the pole down a couple inches, trapping the wire inside the ring. Now simply twist the wire onto the clip, just as you would twist wire on to an eye lag screw. No need to pre-wrap the wire onto the clip!