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The LS-460 Series Long Shooter Pole extends the reach of your gas or powder actuated tool. Specifically designed to work with the following tools:

Hilti® DX 460
Hilti® DX 351
Hilti® DX 351ME
Hilti® DX 2
Hilti® DX 5
DeWalt® DFD270SK
DeWalt® DFD270MK
Ramset® T3
Ramset® E150
Ramset® R150
Ramset® XT540
Ramset® FrameBoss
Ramset® T3SS
Ramset® RA27
Simpson® PTP-27S
Simpson® GCN-MEP
Simpson® GFC34
Powers™ C3
Powers™ C5

Available in 4′, 6′, 8′ & 10′ lengths.

Product Codes: LS-4-460 (4′ pole), LS-6-460 (6′ pole), LS-8-460 (8′ pole) & LS-10-460 (10′ pole)



  • Sturdy light weight fiberglass construction
  • Dielectric, meets OSHA’s standards
  • Heat treated aluminum casting
  • Increases safety by keeping your employees on the ground
  • Time and cost efficient
  • Made in USA


WARNING: AVOID POWER LINES – maintain a minimum of 10 ft. (3m) from all electrical lines.