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The Lagmaster® is the original Lag Pole. Trusted by acoustical ceiling contractors for over two decades. Use it to install I-Lag® screws and ceiling wire in one motion from the ground. Pair with any 3/8″ or 1/2″ drill.

NEW-Lagmaster® -Plus-all-pole-sizes

Product CodeCollapsed
LM-63' 5"5' 5"23 lbs.
LMG-124' 5"10' 8"35 lbs.
LM-126' 5"11' 8"25 lbs.
LM-187' 4"16' 11"37 lbs.
LM-248' 6"23' 2"39 lbs.



  • Perfect for applications that are unfit for scissor lifts such as stairwells or in between T-bar
  • Improves safety by keeping your employees on the ground
  • Black anodized aircraft grade aluminum
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made in USA


Wire Bale Pin

Wire Bale Pin

LM Head Welded

LM Head – Welded

LM Stud

LM Stud

LM Driver SML

LM Driver – Small
Two Stage Poles

Button Head Screws

Button Head Screws

LM Driver Large

LM Driver – Large
Three Stage Poles


Item #:Description:
LM Head - WeldedLagmaster® Head - Welded version - Hangs & wraps 12GA ceiling wire attached to an I-LAG™ screw
LM Driver - LargeLagmaster® Driver - For use with three stage poles (LMG-12, LM-18, LM-24)
LM Driver - SmallLagmaster® Driver - For use with two stage poles (LM-6, LM-12)
LM StudLagmaster® Stud – 3/8" Hex shaft - component of LM Drivers
Wire Bale PinLagmaster® Wire Bale Pin
Button Head ScrewsLagmaster® Button Head Screws - 1/4"-28 threads - Secures LM Head and LM Drivers


LM Viper Head

LM Viper Head

LM Head - Set Screw

LM Head – Set Screw

LM Prewrap - Milled

LM Prewrap – Milled

Item #:Description:
LM Viper HeadLagmaster® Viper Head - Threaded adapter for Viper 2, Viper 3 and Power’s Sniper
LM Head - Set ScrewLagmaster® Head - Set Screw Version - Hangs & wraps 12GA ceiling wire, jack chain or braided wire attached to an I-LAG™ screw
LM Pre-Wrap Head (milled)Lagmaster® Pre-Wrap Head (milled) – Installs I-LAG™ screws pre-tied to 12GA ceiling wire


WARNING: AVOID POWER LINES – maintain a minimum of 10 ft. (3m) from all electrical lines.