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Metal Clad Cable Stacker

The MCS11 (Metal Clad Cable Stacker) is used to support metal clad electrical wires stacked one on top of the other.

Product Code: MCS11

Product CodeMetal Clad Stacker
MCS11MSC11, no attachments
MCS11EC14MCS11 with EC14 attachment
MCS11FM24MCS11 with FM24 attachment
MCS11FM58MCS11 with FM58 attachment
MCS11FRACMCS11 with FRAC attachment
MCS11FRACPMCS11 with FRACP attachment
MCS11PBCMCS11 with PBC attachment
MCS11SSBCMCS11 with SSBC attachment


  • Package quantity: 25 pcs.
  • Master package quantity: 4 x 25 pcs.
  • Thread size: ¼”-20
  • Built-in Cable Retainer System
  • Multiple attachment options available