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The LMP Retro Kit converts a standard Lagmaster® pole tool to a Lagmaster® Plus.

The Lagmaster® Plus is the ultimate all-in-one pole tool. Specifically designed for use in the Acoustical Ceiling, Data Comm, Fire Sprinkler, HVAC and Electrical Industries. Built to withstand the rigors of daily use on the job site.

The Lagmaster® Plus features a unique all-in-one patented plug-in system which allows you to install multiple types of fasteners to a variety of overhead structures and surfaces.

Use the Lagmaster® Plus to install ceiling wire, jack chain, pre-assembled threaded rod, smooth rod and a variety of other fasteners, safely from the ground.

Pair the Lagmaster® Plus Broom Thread Plug-in with any female broom thread attachment. Such as tree trimming saws, dusters or sanders!

The LMP Retro Kit weighs 2 lbs.

Product Code: LMP RETRO KIT



LMP BaseLagmaster® ™ Plus Base – Accepts all LMP Plugs – Features recessed 1/2″ female hex for use with Hangermate screws
LMP Wire Plug SSLagmaster® ™ Plus Wire Plug-in – Set Screw version – Installs ceiling wire & jack chain
LMP 5/8 PlugLagmaster® ™ Plus 5/8″ Plug-in – Designed for use with Sammy screws
LMP 5/8 VertigoLagmaster® ™ Plus 5/8″ Vertigo Plug-in – Designed for use with Power’s Vertigo screws
LMP 1/2 Square Lagmaster® ™ Plus ½” Square Drive socket adapter Plug-In
LMP 1/4 Hex PlugLagmaster® ™ Plus ¼” Hex Plug-in – Accepts ¼” hex drivers
LMP Viper PlugLagmaster® ™ Plus Viper Plug-in – Compatible with Viper 3 and Power’s Sniper
LMP 1/2 NPTLagmaster® ™ Plus ½” NPT Plug-in – Designed for use with the HOIT-AL installation tool
LMP BTLagmaster® ™ Plus universal Broom Thread Plug-in

LMP Base

LMP Base

LMP Wire Head

LMP Wire Plug SS

LMP 5/8 Plug

LMP 5/8 Plug

LMP 5/8 Vertigo

LMP 5/8 Vertigo

LMP 1/2 Inch Square Drive

LMP 1/2 Square

LMP 1/4 Inch Hex Plug

LMP 1/4 Hex Plug

LMP Sniper Plug

LMP Viper Plug

LMP 1/2 Inch NPT