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The TorqueExtender™ is a socket wrench extension pole. It allows you to torque down multiple sized fasteners to ceilings safely and easily from the ground. Installs 3/8″ wedge anchors, concrete screws and drop-in anchors with ease.

Use what the inspectors use!

  • Standard 1/2” male square socket drive with detent ball
  • Standard 1/2” female square socket drive
  • 9/16″ open ended socket
  • Utilizes Lagmaster® Plus Plug-in Technology
  • Aircraft grade black anodized aluminum
  • Max torque rating is 20 ft./lbs
  • Weighs 4.85 lbs.

Product Code: TE-12

Product CodeCollapsed
Max Extended
Extended Length
TE-84'88 7/8″76 ¼”5lbs
TE-126' 3"11' 5.25"
10' 4.75"5lbs



LMP 9/16 Plug

Open ended, installs 9/16” hex drive wedge anchors & concrete screws

LMP Base

Open ended, accepts all LMP plugs, installs screws with ½” hex drive (Elco/Hangermate)

LMP 1/2″ Square

1/2″ male square socket driver with detent ball, our most versatile plug yet!

LM 1/2” Female Square

Use with any 1/2” square drive torque wrench or impact wrench



LMP 5/8 Plug

LMP 5/8 Plug

LMP 5/8 Vertigo Plug

LMP 5/8 Vertigo Plug


Seismic Bracing Installation Instructions

Required tools and fasteners: ODM, ODM375, ODM916, TE-12, Torque Wrench, 3/8” Wedge Anchor, HOCL-45 Angle Clip, ceiling wire.

Step 1. Drill a 3/8” hole into the concrete ceiling using an ODM (Overhead Drill Machine) fitted with an ODM375 3/8”x 3.325” HALT bit.

Step 2. Remove the ODM375 HALT bit and insert an ODM916 SDS Plus 9/16 ” socket adapter, set the hammer drill to hammer only.

Step 3. Insert a 3/8” wedge anchor with a HOCL-45 angle clip prettied to ceiling wire into the ODM916 socket adapter.

Step 4. Raise the ODM up to the hole and insert the wedge anchor using the hammer function of the hammer drill.

Step 5. Use a TE-12 extension pole equipped with a LMP 9/16 Hex Plug to tighten the 9/16” nut on the wedge anchor to the appropriate torque using a torque wrench (Usually 25 ft/lbs).

WARNING: AVOID POWER LINES – maintain a minimum of 10 ft. (3m) from all electrical lines.