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The ChuckExtender is an aluminum extension pole with endless applications.

Use it to drill holes into metal decking to install fasteners such as SAMMY® X-press or Powers® Vertigo™ Screws.

Use it to drill into the floor to install Simpson Strong-Tie® Blue Bangers™. Hello back relief!

Or use it as an extension for the application of your choice!

The keyless chuck has a range of 0.8-10mm

Pair with any 3/8″ or 1/2″ drill.

Product Code(s): CE-2, CE-6, CE-12

Product CodeCollapsed LengthExtended LengthStagesShipping Weight
CE-227.5"27.5"13 lbs.
CE-640.5"64.5"24 lbs.
CE-1277"139.5"26 lbs.



Wire Bale Pin

LM Stud

LM Keyless Chuck

LM Driver-S
Fits CE-2, CE-6 & CE-12

Button Head Screws




WARNING: AVOID POWER LINES – maintain a minimum of 10 ft. (3m) from all electrical lines.